Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's been a long time.

I'm still away from Second Life for the moment, but I have a feeling this will all change by the end of the year.  Things are happening.

I'll be back.  Promise.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I wasn't doing much this morning, but Zal randomly IMed me to laugh at the fact that I was into Ozimal Bunnies. It was cool, actually. I haven't talked to Zal in awhile, and the randomness of the conversation was quite refreshing. It was also informative, as I learned a few things I didn't know when it came to bunnies. Zal also gave me a bunny nest, but when it was birthed, it was female, so I gave it back to him and he swapped her for a male. Zal TPed me to Mad, and I was soooooo impressed with the work they had put into the bunny farm!
We ended up just hanging around and goofing off for a bit, it was great to see Zal and Tali again. I haven't spent any time with them OOC actually.
Zal made a Spider Web wall, which was pretty awesome. It has poses built into it, and fae wings. I can't wait until he finishes it so we can put it in the Underdark. Heheh.
Zal and Ry just have the best stuff! Tali ended up face planting into the big bear, and we just chilled out, draped over the bunny. The hot dog...was just the best. I LOVE how Zal is curled up in the fetal position. ROFL!

Like I said, Ryleth always finds the coolest shit. He sent me a Fortune Cat, or something. I can't remember what it's actually called, we call it the Chubby Cat. He's very cute, and he waves and blinks. He's copy and transfer, so I'll put him in my shop when I finally get it open.

I TPed over to one of the LMs I got from Ry, for his lucky chair stalking. I won a cute little arm bear.And Ryleth gave me a pack of cigarettes. They're sooooo cool. Because they actually burn down and the pack holds 20 smokes. When you smoke all 20, it's done. Gone. Too much like RL, but I think it's awesome. Arya came over because she was bored, and I corrupted her enough to get her to smoke a fag. Heheh.

And...of blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of my Sweety. I don't even want to know why he's sticking his tongue out. :P

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not too much has been going on, as Braun and I have been rather busy lately.

We had a dance and an Admin Auction in Terabithia yesterday. It was the first time I had actually auctioned people off. It went very well overall. Everyone had fun. We made a fair amount of L$, and I held my first auction. We had originally come up with the idea of Mummies, since today is Mother's Day. We expanded it to include fairy tales and monsters that lived in your closet. Braun and I dressed as the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter form Alice in Wonderland. Ryleth was the Pied Piper. He had this cute little gang on rats following him around. Aria was a witch, though I can't remember from which movie it was.

Afterward, I spent a few hours talking to Marrs. He came by to terraform some of the terrain poking up through the floor in the Underdark, and then we just continued to chitchat after that.

I really need to get to work on my shop. I've got some shapes ready to sell, I just need to do the rest of the work and set up a shop....somewhere. Maybe Braun can help with the photography. :P

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So I'm back to blog about the past several days events. Aren't ya excited? Heh. Good thing I have pictures to remind me of everything! rofl.
Braun and I spent a little time sparring one day. I used to be able to beat him pretty easily, but now...not so much. He'd been away from SL for awhile and was fairly rusty. But he's getting back to where he used to be so far as meter combat is concerned. I'm GLAD he's on my side! :P I don't have any pics of us fighting's a little hard to take a picture of yourself fighting when you're trying to avoid being hit.
I put a lot of pics of Braun up. But he's so adorable how can I not?

At the end of our sparring, we were just goofing around. He ummm...tried to light me on fire! Probably because I beat him. A lot! :P

I logged in one morning, and again...I had gifts from Ryleth! He's just awesome when it comes to find the coolest stuff. He sent these cute little kitty purses, two of them. One was purple and the other was black and white. i only took a pic of one, but they're absolutely brilliant! It's a cuuuute kitty...with loli-pops!

He also sent along these little, I'm going to guess, Japanese dolls called Kokeshi. They're cute! I'm going to add them to the bunny farm when I get around to setting it up.

We got a new build for the Underdark, like I thought we were going to get. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the new build. It actually looks like a little city! I invited Ryleth over to have a look at it, and he was impressed as well. So, the Ilythiiri no longer live in a castle. We live in an underground city like we should. Yays!! This is the little balcony off my personal chambers. It's small, but it completely overlooks the entire city. We decided that we're going to add some chains on the sides of the balcony so that it attaches to the side of the wall, rather than add a column underneath to support it.

We did a walk through with Ken, the blue Orc, also the builder, to see how everything was coming along. He's too funny! I THINK he was trying to kill me. But I can't be completely sure! I mean...he DOES have an axe pointed to my head. If he was trying to kill me then, he must really be scheming to put me six feet under now. I've been bugging him for days on little things I want added or changed since the build went down on the sim.

Aria and I had been out shopping earlier for a new look for her drow avatar when we went to go see the build. She was looking for skin, then hair, then boots...I guess. At any rate, SL was being handicapped for her and she couldn't change, so....she came to check out the build "as is" ... Yes ...Those are demo boots, demo hair and demo skin. She looks...special. If I had a helmet to give her.....

Friday was pretty much the same. The new Underdark went down on sim on Thursday night and I didn't have the opportunity to do much with it. But when I logged on on Friday morning, Shock had already started working on some new texturing and making it more cave-ish. I took a cue from him and went to work on the front wall of the cave. Course, I'm no builder, so I had to get the sculpties and textures from Shock. He also had to walk me through actually using the sculpty maps, because I had NO IDEA how to use them. Now I do! Yahooooo!!!! When I say I spent almost all day building this wall...I'm NOT joking. I can totally understand why Ryleth gets frustrated when he builds not. But, since it was my first project, and I wasn't forced into doing it, I had a blast with it.

Braun worked late on Friday night. I didn't actually expect to see him until Saturday, so I was pleasantly surprised when he finally logged in. Of course, I had been busy all day, so I was at Sultan's when he got home. He came down to the club, so we just hung out dancing for awhile.

He takes much better pics than I do when we go to the club. But he was tired. so those are my sucketh pictures. LMAO!!!

I went shopping on Saturday at the place Ryleth bought some of the cute little gifts he sent. I loved a LOT of the stuff, but I decided to stick with what I thought would look cute on the bunny farm. Since I had already decided to put he Kokeshi's up there, I thought I'd stick to stuff that would compliment them. Alright, that's a lie. I just bought cute stuff! First thing that caught my eye was this little pumpkin chair. It's copyable, so we can have a whole bunches of them! Heheh.

I also liked this little strawberry chair. It SNOWS around it. You can turn the snow off, but I like it on. First picture I took. The rest, he took. Seeeeee.....Told you he takes better pics than I do! The last picture is my favorite! I bought a couple more things too. But I didn't take pics, so I'll do that and then post them. Oh, and yes...that's a new Ska T-Shirt I'm wearing too! Pffftt!!!

This will be a very short post. I haven't blogged in a few days for a bunch of reasons. One of which...I've been busy doing other schtuffs. Heh. And...I'm not home. so I'm on a crappy computer. And I don't remember passwords and junk. So...I can't add pretty pictures. Which means, it didn't happen. rofl.

Tomorrow, or later today, when I'm home...I'll put all my schtuffs up. Yesa!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I had the pleasure of killing Vinny and Dewyane today with Aria. And I used my bow. HEH! I sucketh with a bow! But I did manage to hit Dewyane quite a bit with it. Vinny...not so much. Iused my sword on him. Whatever plants their faces into the dirt is good enough for me. rofl.

Ryleth sent me a prezzie last night, or this morning. I went to go click on it in my inventory and "wear" it. I guess I wasn't awake fully. I managed to restore it to its last position. Where ever the hell THAT is. Anyway, Ryleth either found it and sent it back to me. Or he sent me a new one. I'm banking on the latter. It's really cute. I LOVE it!!!
It's a little bottle necklace on a black cord. Inside, there's a little tiny pink heart. And there's a little pink ribbon tied around the outside neck of the little tiny bottle. It's just so cute!

I miss my Braun! I ended up skipping out on class tonight, but he didn't know. So I didn't expect him to be home though I was hoping he would be. Boring post today. :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not much happening in Tera today. Well, except Aria has gone on a killing spree. I think her death toll is nearing 20 in 2 days. She managed to drag Vinny into the Underdark, and I burned the symbol of Lloth into his chest with my awesome fire powers. :P The RP was really good, so I'm glad I got to get into some today.

Braun and I went shopping for a new bike. We had gone to a few places last night but I didn't manage to find anything I really like. There were a few decent bikes, but nothing that really piqued my interest, and it was late. So we went home and went to bed.

So...the MAIN reason I'm looking for a new bike is because the one that I have just...well....sucketh. First off, it's pink. And Pink and Tsam should never, EVER be put together. Second, it's just a horrible looking bike. Seeeeeee......

He took me to a couple places today, but again...nothing sparked any real interest. Well, ok... ONE thing did, but it certainly wasn't a bike. rofl.

I guess it's safe to say that I have a love for Doberman Pinschers. I always have. They're just a gorgeous dog. So, when I saw him...I just HAD to go play with him.

Tsamaris: I WANT THE DOG!!!
Braun: LOL!
Tsamaris: Here puppy, puppy.
Tsamaris: The puppy growled at me....
Tsamaris: ...So I eated him!
Braun: He's a guard dog, Sweety and NUUUUUUUUU!!!!
Tsamaris: Nuuuuuuuu????
Braun: I love dogs.

Anyway....Braun found a bike that he just fell in love with! I think it suits him well....don't you agree? LMAO!!! Luff yoo, Sweety!!! ♥♥♥

Ok, so needless to say...He DIDN'T buy it. But, he may come home one day to see it sitting in the garage, along side my absolutely most perfectly perfect awesome truck that I just had to take a picture of because it's THAT bad ass!!!

So, this is the bike I ended up buying that replaced the oogly pink thing. It's called Black widow, and I love it. I didn't pick it out though. Braun did. Because I asked him to. I trust his judgement on bikes a lot more than I trust my own. Ummm...HE didn't buy the pink thing. *cough* I did... *cough*

We headed home right after and just chilled out on the couch. He fiddled with the TV. It's ok. He didn't break it this time!!!!! ♥♥♥Muahh!!!♥♥♥